Skiathos Island in Greece.

For a start Skiathos has loads of Gorgeous Beaches to visit.

Skiathos's beaches are famous and one of the main reasons to go on holiday to the island - most people probably know of Skiathos Banana Beach because it's a naturist beach - at least part of this usually crowded beach is. In truth many of the Islands have beaches with sections available for naturism - on Skiathos there are plenty of other - and perhaps much better - beaches for this apart from the "famous" one - please see our Skiathos Greece Beach Guide for the well known ones and perhaps our quieter more remote  beaches on Skiathos topic.

Ideas about any Good Walks on Skiathos worth doing.

There are not a lot of paths on the Island - we did as usual do a lot of hiking whilst on holiday in Skiathos but this was mainly on the tracks up in the mountains and hills. Although hot out there the lovely forests and often cool sea breezes does make walking really enjoyable and because of the amount of tracks available you can easily make circular walks from anything of 4 or 5 kms to 20kms. There are a variety of walking ideas several of which go to some of the more quiet Skiathos beaches which can be found via our Skiathos Beach Walks topic (see the menu further below).

Getting Around and About on Skiathos.

Skiathos has an excellent bus service which runs along the coast road between Skiathos Town and the far end of Skiathos i.e. Koukonaries Beach and also where you can then walk to Skiathos Banana Beach - these buses start quite early in the morning and finish around 0100hrs with usually a bus every 20 minutes. They do get packed with typically busiest times Skiathos Town to Koukonaries between 10:00 and 11:30 and Koukonaries to Skiathos Town 17:00 hours through to 20:30hrs (the latter are people leaving the beaches plus others heading into Town for the evening).
Taxis - ply their trade along the main road often driving just ahead of the buses as they try to get customers waiting at the bus stops - the fare is around 15 Euros but agree the price first if you use a taxi. The taxi drivers will try to get as many other passengers in as they can (stopping at other bus stops on the way) and you have to be a little firm about this - if necessary tell them you will just get out again else you might find 6 or 7 of you packed inside.

Skiathos Car, Jeep & Scooter Hire and the Roads and Tracks.

Agistros beach on SkiathosThe main tarmac road on the Island runs from the airport to Koukonaries beach - the main hazard are the taxi drivers who seem to drive like maniacs at times but generally driving is ok. There are very well graded tracks which run round (and across) the island from Koukonaries through to the main beaches on the less populated parts like the lovely Mandraki Beach etc. - these are perfectly fine for cars to use as well as scooters. Lots of people do seem to hire the far more expensive jeeps as well (safari experience... certainly a very dusty experience..?) but with one exception the track surfaces are flatter and generally better than we find on our English roads around Oxfordshire - few potholes and broken surfaces- therefore cars are a lot more comfortable and of course you can leave things in a car out of sight in the boot. The one exception is the last couple of kilometres down to Kastro - this track is driveable by car but is pretty rough in places.
In July we had a Saxo for one day which was 38 Euros with all insurances - we were also told a scooter would be around 12 Euros a day (many holiday insurances do not cover any accidents on scooters we believe so think on that before hiring a scooter). We understood jeeps to be between 45 and 50 Euros a day - whichever you chose we found that the hire companies were willing to negotiate a price especially where payment was in good old cash.

Food and Drink and Tavernas on Skiathos.

The food and choice on offer on Skiathos is excellent - with well cooked and presented main courses varying from lamb, beef, pork and veal through to various fish choices. The main courses tend to be huge and you tend to quickly give up thinking of having any starters. Then after the main meal the temptation - although probably pretty full up - to have a nice Greek yoghurt with a good lashing of wild honey or similar can prove to be somewhat irresistible at times. The house wines i.e. jugs of reds and whites are very drinkable too. Note we mainly used various tavernas along the main road areas outside of Skiathos Town - in the Town prices especially on the front were quite a lot higher and in our view not nearly as good value. Typically a main meal plus sweet and then a jug of house red cost us around 30 to 35 Euros (expect to get your jug re-filled and maybe an ouzo or two as a gift as well especially on subsequent visits.)
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