Walking to two Monasteries on Skiathos Greece.

A nice walk with one particular climb on Skiathos Island to visit Moni Evagelistria and Moni Panaghia Kechrea.

This is a one way 14km walk from the outskirts of Skiathos Town via Profitis Ilias then to Panaghia Kechrea Monastery and Bay then on to Kolios. There is a fairly hard climb on this walk. From the by-pass road at Bus stop 2 a tarmac road heads inland and to the left of this there is a small concrete track going alongside it (also there is a lamp post at the start of this track with a small yellow "walking route" sign).
The tree-lined track goes directly inland and gently rises as it passes by several small farms. When you reach a house on the left and where the concrete track rises quite steeply [N39 10 49 E23 29 11] look for and take a narrow path on the right - this really nice path meanders and climbs gently as it travels through olive groves. The path comes out in a cleared scrubby area - continue to follow the path which then comes out on the tarmac road by a house.
Profitis Ilias on Skiathos Profitis Eliseos church Skiathos Skiathos - Kechrea Walk Panaghia Kechrea Moni Skiathos
Turn left up the tarmac road - follow this road for around 2km - this is really hard going at times because of the steep gradients in places and not helped if the weather is hot. You eventually pass a taverna on the right and now the road really climbs up to a t-junction. Turn left and soon reach another taverna located in a tree-covered area plus the nice Profitias Ilias church is on the right. Immediately at the far right hand side of the taverna there is a narrow path which after just a few metres takes you to another church - this is Profitias Eliseos and well worth the short diversion.
Panaghia Kechrea Moni Bell on Skiathos lovely little Panaghia Kechrea Monastery on Skiathos Continue along the road to soon arrive at a junction - take the road below the houses to arrive at a major track and road junction. Take the second right (marked to Kastro and Kechrea Moni) and follow this really gritty/dusty and soon wide road steeply down for a while - around 700 metres from the junction take a marked (to Kechria Monastery and beach) dirt track on the left.
This a very narrow, winding and pot-holed track - actually very nice to walk on as you are deep in the countryside and the hills here. Around a kilometre from the start of the track on the left you find the really delightful small monastery of Panaghia Kechrea.
Skiathos walk Skiathos hills Kechrea Bay beach Skiathos Skiathos beaches - Ligharies
You can look inside and as the monastery has been renovated you can see how the monastery was originally. There is a shaded seating area so this is a very convenient place to stop for lunch etc. but note there is no water available here.
From the monastery continue along the track - it eventually changes to a path - then descends alongside a stream where there are several abanonded ruined watermills (these are hard to see and even explore since they are located through thick scrub and somewhat below by the stream bed). very shady Skiathos track really busy little road on Skiathos The path eventually arrives at Kechnia Beach where there is a small taverna. From the beach you have to walk up a short but very steep track and then Ligharies Beach comes into view - continue along the track and then turn right to go down to the beach. Again there is a small taverna on the beach which sells drinks but the only food available was either salads or omelettes as they have no electricity. Leave the beach to re-join the track and keep ahead to go inland - this is a quite dusty but very tree-lined cool track - around 1km along from the beach and at a track fork go left and follow the main track as it winds and climbs into the hills and with the valley down on the right. You stay on this main track for 3.2kms (i.e. ignore two tracks which come in from the left) then at a junction turn right - 700 metres later come to another junction which has a large tree in the middle. Go left here and continue along the soon descending track - around 1km along reach some houses on the left and then you arrive at a road junction which again has a tree (a plane tree) in the middle of it. Go straight ahead and now walk along this tarmac road passing a supermarket, numerous houses and holiday apartments for about 1.5kms to then reach the main coastal road at bus stop 16.
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