Moni Evagelistria Walk on Skiathos Greece.

Skiathos - Evangelistria Monastery Evangelistria Moni Skiathos Skiathos paved path

A walk out in the hills on Skiathos Greece which goes from Moni Evagelistria back to Bus Stop 2.

This 13km circuit starts out from Moni Evagelistria then visits Moni Charalambos before heading back across the island to the main coastal road at Bus Stop 2. There is a quite steep initial climb but it's a lovely walk and you get to see lots of interesting churches and monasterys.

Skiathos - Zoodhochos Pigis This walk starts from Moni Evagelistria Monastery - we understand a small minibus makes the run up to it most days from Skiathos Town Bus Terminal however we simply took a taxi from Troulos to get there which only cost a few Euros. Having looked round the monastery take a walled moni-path which leaves from the front of the monastery entrance which this heads up to an open area where there is a really nice church - Zoodhochos Pigis.
Also of interest is another church which is on the other side of the clearing but not that visible from the track - we do not know it's name but it's a lovely little church. From the clearing with Zoodhochos Pigis church behind you go right up a dusty track - this is quite a climb and is difficult as the surface is either rough or on the very steep parts is of concrete. Simply stay on this for around 2kms - eventually it does flatten out and you pass the ruins of a monastery and then arrive at Profitas Ilias church on the right and a taverna on the left (behind which is the little church of Profitis Eliseos). There are great views up here and also it's worth noting this is about the last proper shade available on this walk for quite some time..
Profitis Ilias on Skiathos Skiathos - Profitis Eliseos Skiathos-Aghios Athanasios walking in the hills on Skiathos
Continue along the track and then turn left staying below several houses above you. You shortly come to a major track and road junction by a shrine, take the first right track which is signposted to Ag. Athanasios - this is a very rough track which initially climbs quite steeply to arrive at Aghios Athanasios church - you can go inside this church and also the living quarters to have a snoop round. Continue along the track which now just rises gently - the surrounds are really nice and this is a very pleasant area for walking.
After passing two shrines you come to the church of Aghii Apostoli - you are now on top of the plateau so walking becomes much easier. Passing several farms in a very open area the track then starts to descend to a sort of track junction - one track on the left is gated and the track ahead just goes to an aerial. Go on the main track as it goes to the right and then starts to really descend - passing more farms in the process. On a very sharp bend about 1.3km along take a track on the left which heads on down to the lovely monastery of Aghios Charalambos. The monastery has been really well renovated and you can look round and see how things used to be when it was occupied.
rising path on Skiathos Skiathos moni path Skiathos Aghii Apostoli on Skiathos
Now the only occupants are several cats and their kittens - these moggies will be extremely interested in sharing any food you have with you - also if their water dish is empty please re-fill it for them.
Return back on the track to the bend and now go left on a now quite rubbly track - this soon really starts to descend and the surface is quite poor in places. At a bend and track fork [N39 11 71 E23 28 93] go right - this is marked with a yellow walking sign. The track is very narrow and soon climbs quite steeply into the hill - you already get some nice views of Evagelistria Monastery tucked in the hillside ahead. The track arrives at a house which is slightly below on the left - the path is marked and goes down passing the house and then goes through olive trees.
walking in Skiathos Greece This now becomes a proper moni-path and is a real find on Skiathos - the path winds round the side of the hills before starting to climb to arrive at a large plane tree, springs and the outside walls of Moni Evagelistria. Climb up the worn steps in front of you and walk on round to the monastery car park and entrance.
Note the only drinks available at the monastery is spring water out of an old tap. From the monastery take the wide path which leaves by the gates and head on up to the clearing by Zoodhochos Pigis church - this time bear left to pick up the main road which heads towards Skiathos Town. Follow this road down passing Taxiarches church where there is a nice spring.
Aghios Charalambos Monastery on Skiathos Greece Skiathos - Aghios Charalambos Moni Skiathos - Taxiaraches Skiathos - Walks - Stamelos Springs
Then around 5km from the church on a sharp bend find on the right a path marked to Skiathos and Stamelos Springs.This nice path goes through shrubbery and past the Springs before arriving at a road.- turn left and follow this road down towards Skiathos - you can either follow the road all the way down however -much nicer - when you come to a house on the left find opposite a marked footpath which goes down through olive trees to eventually join a small road by a house. Turn left and follow the road back to the by-pass road and bus stop 2.
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