Skiatho's Churches.

The Island has quite a few lovely little churches scattered about in the hills and villages.

One thing that was perhaps a little unusual about the churches on Skiathos was that nearly all of them were open so that you could look inside. Also another feature was that many of them have a small living area which you can take a look at - these churches in some cases almost seemed to be mini-monasteries. Note these churches are not shown in any particular order but we have indicated where they are located.
Skiathos - Aghia Paraskevi
Aghia Paraskevi
Aghia Eleni - Skiathos Island, Greece.
Aghia Eleni
Skiathis churches - Aghia Eleni
Aghia Eleni
Skiathos churches - Aghii Apostoli
Aghii Apostoli (Skiathos)
inside Aghii Apostoli - Skiathos, Greece.
Aghii Apostoli
Aghii Apostoli church, Skiathos
Aghii Apostoli
Skiathos Church of Aghii Theodhori
Aghii Theodhori
Aghii Theodhori - Skiathos
Aghii Theodhori
Aghia Anastasia - Skiathos Island, Greece.
Aghia Anastasia
Skiathos - Aghia Anastasia
Aghia Anastasia
inside Aghia Anastasia church
Aghia Anastasia
Skiathos churches - Aghia Anastasia
Aghia Anastasia
Aghios Athanasios - Sciathos
Aghios Athanasios
Aghios Georgios, Skiathos Island, Greece.
Aghios Georgios
Skiathos - Aghios Georgios
Skiathos - Aghios Georgios
Aghios Nikolaos church on Skiathos. Greece
Aghios Nikolaos - Skiathos Town
Aghios Taxiarchis church
Aghios Taxiarchis
Skiathos - Aghios Taxiarchis church
Aghios Taxiarchis
Kastro - Aghia Marina - Skiathos Island, Greece.
Kastro - Aghia Marina
Kastro - Aghios Nikolaos - Skiathos
Kastro - Aghios Nikolaos
Kastro, Skiathos - Christos
Kastro - Christos
A Kastro ruined church - Skiathos Greece
Kastro Church - Skiathos
Panaghia Kardhasi church
outh of Kastro (Skiathos) - Panaghia Kardhasi
Skiathos - Panaghia Kardhasi
Panaghia Kardhasi - Sciathos Greece
Panaghia Kardhasi courtyard - Skiathos Island, Greece.
Panaghia Kardhasi yard - Sciathos
inside Panaghia Kardhasi
Panaghia Kardhasi
second Panaghia Kardhasi church at Skiathos
Skiathos's Panaghia Kardhasi
Panaghia Limnia - Skiathos Island, Greece.
Panaghia Limnia - Skiathos Town
Pirghi - Skiathos
Pirghi - Sciathos
Skiathos - Pirghi
Profitis Eliseos, Skiathos
Profitis Eliseos
Skiathos churches - Profitis Eliseos
Skiathos - Profitis Eliseos
Profitis Ilias - Skiathos Island, Greece.
Profitis Ilias Skiathos
Profitis Ilias - Skiathos
Skiathos - Profitis Ilias
Profitis Ilias Church on Skiathos Greece
Profitis Ilias Skiathos
Skiathos Church
Skiathos Church
Skiathos Church
Small Skiathos-Church
Skiathos Town Church
Town Church - Skiathos
Taxiaraches - Skiathos
Taxiaraches - Sciathos
Skiathos - Tris Ierarches church
Skiathos, Tris Ierarches
Tris Ierarches - Skiathos
Tris Ierarches
Skiathos - Zoodhochos Pigis
Zoodhochos Pigis
Zoodhochos Pigis - Skiathos Island, Greece.
Zoodhochos Pigis
Zoodhochos Pigis Skiathos
Zoodhochos Pigis

Skiathos church of Aghios Ioanis Krifos Aghios Ioanis Krifos - Skiathos Island, Greece.

Aghios Ioanis Krifos Church on Skiathos, Greece.

This small church on Skiathos has a bit of fairly recent history. Apparently during the course of World War II this remote and well hidden church was used for secretly teaching local Greek children their own native language - something the German invaders tried to ban. The church is located south west of Mikros Aselinos Beach on the coastal track. Where the dirt track bends sharp left a path goes off on the right into the hillside. A delightful rocky path which climbs fairly easily and Aghios Ioanis Krifos is reached in around 6 or 7 minutes.

The following photos are of Aghios Ioanis which is located just south of Kastro. This is a particularly nice area where you could easily stop for a picnic since it is well shaded and also there is drinking water available from a spring.
Aghios Ioanis - Skiathos Island, Greece.Skiathos Greece - Aghios IoanisAghios Ioanis, SkiathosSkiathos - Aghios Ioanis Spring
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