Trip out to Old Kastro on Skiathos Island.

Taking a day trip out to visit and look around the beautiful scenery and ruins at Old Kastro whilst on holiday on Skiathos.

Kastro is sat on a high cliff which protrudes out over the sea and is a natural fortress - it's located at the high northern part of Skiathos. It was originally settled during the 14th Century because of the threat from pirates on the lower coastal part of the island. Initially under the control of the Byzantine empire it was also occupied by the Venetians and then the Turks, then the Venetians again until the Greek State was formed. The town was also protected itself by the use of a drawbridge the remains of which can still be seen - eventually Kastro was abandoned around 1830. There are still many ruins scattered around the hillside showing that the population at one time must have been quite large. There were also a lot of churches in Kastro and several of these have now been restored with more slowly being sorted out as money permits.
path leading to Kastro Gate on Skiathos
Path to Kastro Gate
scenic rocks at Kastro, Skiathos
Kastro - Skiathos
Kastro beautiful coastline - Skiathos Island, Greece
Kastro Coastline - Skiathos
Cape Kastro Skiathos
Cape Kastro
Kastro on Skiathos
Kastro beach
Kastro Beach, Skiathos
The beach at Kastro on Skiathos
Beach and Coastline Kastro
drawbridge ruins at Kastro
Kastro Drawbridge Ruins
Kastro Gate
Kastro Gate
inside Aghia Marina, Kastro on Skiathos Greece
Inside Aghia Marina
Kastro - Aghia Marina
Aghia Marina
Skiathos, Greece
Aghios Nikolaos at Kastro, Skiathos
Aghios Nikolaos
Aghios Nikolaos church Kastro
Aghios Nikolaos church
on Skiathos.
Christos, Kastro, Skiathos
Kastro, Skiathos
Christos courtyard - Skiathos Kastro ruins
Christos Courtyard
Skiathos - Christos
Christos Courtyard
Kastro - Skiathos
inside Christos - Skiathos
inside Christos
 - Kastro
ruins of a church at Kastro
Church ruins
at Kastro, Skiathos
Kastro church (Byzantine?)
Byzantine? semi ruined church - Kastro
Kastro Traditional House
Kastro Traditional House
inside a Kastro Traditional House - Skiathos Greece
Kastro Traditional House
Skiathos - Kastro Traditional House
Kastro Traditional
House- Skiathos
Kastro House - Skiathos
Kastro Traditional House, Skiathos
Some ruins at Kastro on Skiathos Island in Greece
Kastro Ruins - Skiathos
There are two ways to reach Kastro - daily excursion boats leave Skiathos and visit Kastro as part of their itinerary. Note that the boats leave you on the small pebble beach (which has a small seasonal taverna) and you then have a considerable climb up a twisty steep path to reach the town itself which can easily take 20 to 30 minutes. In July and August you also need to take account of the high temperatures which makes stiff climbs twice as difficult. The other way to the Kastro is via road - well it's mostly track in fact and when we went to Kastro in July we did so reasonably easily by car. The most direct way is to use the road leaving the coastal road at Bus Stop 9 - this heads north almost directly towards Kastro via Aghios Konstantinos. The last 1.2 kilometres of track which descend into the parking area near Kastro are in quite a rugged state - if using a small car when you return you need to just probably get into first gear and simply keep the car going - any hesitation and you may get stuck on the loose surface. The last several 100 metres from the parking area are by a wide rocky footpath - remember to take a bottle of water with you when heading into Kastro itself since it always seems to be incredibly hot there.
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