Skiathos Monasteries.

There are several beautiful old monasteries situated around the island which are really worth visiting on a day trip.

Aghios Charalambos Monastery on Skiathos.

This monastery is located in the north of Skiathos and just about reachable by dirt track but there is also a nice walk you can do instead if you wish. The monastery has been refurbished and is in really good condition - you can look inside some of the buildings for an idea of how conditions and life used to be years ago.
Aghios Charalambos Moni - Skiathos Island, Greece.Skiathos - Aghios Charalambos MoniThe beautiful Aghios Charalambos MoniMonastery cats - Aghios Charalambos on Skiathos
Aghios Charalambos Moni features a colony (well at time of our visit 7) hungry cats who will really pester you for some food - they are happy to eat sandwiches etc. therefore remember to take something with you so you can feed them - perhaps several nice steaks or pork chops...

Evangelistria Moni - Skiathos Island, Greece.inside Moni Evangelistria

Skiathos - Evangelistria Monastery.

The only fully inhabited monastery on Skiathos, open daily and interesting to look round. There are seats in a shaded area and spring water if necessary. Taxis will take you to this monastery since there is a surfaced road to it - also a limited (mini) bus service which operates out of Skiathos Town bus station by the harbour - one bus is meant to leave at 10:15hrs but this needs checking. From the monastery you will see a wide moni-path going up via trees - this is worth a walk since after a few minutes you will come to a lovely little church which you cannot see from the main road.
Evangelistria SkiathosEvangelistria on Skiathos Sciathos - EvangelistriaMoni Evangelistria - Skiathos Island, Greece.

Panaghia Kechrea Monastery on Skiathos Greece.

Located to the east of Kechria Bay this monastery is reachable either by walking along a nice footpath which leaves from the beach or along a very rough surfaced track which you have to get too from the Kastro dirt road (we have walked this track and it probably is only suitable for 4 wheel-drive). This abandoned 15th Century Monastery is quite small but lovely to visit - situated deep in the forests the spot is really peaceful.
Panaghia Kechrea Moni on Skiathos GreeceSkiathos - Panaghia Kechrea Moni outbuildingPanaghia Kechrea Monastery Bell - Skiathos Island, Greece.colourful Dome - Skiathos's'Panaghia Kechrea Moni
Panaghia Kechrea monastery is in good condition having been refurbished and you can look inside one of the original living quarters buildings to see how the monks used to live years ago. There is a really cool shady area with a table where you can sit and enjoy a peaceful snack and drink (there is no drinking water available at this monastery).

Panaghia Kounistra Moni - Skiathos Island, Greece.Skiathos - Panaghia Kounistra Moni

Panaghia Kounistra Monastery - Skiathos.

This Skiathos monastery is reachable via a tarmac road from Troulos (walking this road is quite pleasant since it is quiet and scenic as it wanders through the forest however the end part is quite steep ) or you can of course have a nice walk up to it from across the hills via various tracks.
Panaghia Kounistra monastery has a nice shaded area with picnic benches and is situated in a lovely setting. There is meant to be a taverna according to some guides but the only thing available we could find was a tap offering warm but drinkable spring water.
Skiathos Island, Greece - Panaghia Kounistra MoniMonastery of Panaghia Kounistra on Skiathos Skiathos - Panaghia KounistraPanaghia Kounistra Monastery on Skiathos Greece
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