Skiathos Greece Walks and Photos.

Several walks to try including several which go to perhaps the lesser known and quieter beaches on Skiathos Island.

treelined Skiathos track The Island of Skiathos does have quite a few walking possibilities which might be of interest whilst on holiday although there are not a lot of paths available so the walking has to be mostly on dirt tracks. With perhaps the best beaches on Skiathos being located on the north undeveloped coast there are several short and medium distance walks described on our site which show how to use the excellent bus service and then walk across Sciathos on forest tracks to reach them. There are also walks out into the mountains visiting other beaches, churches and monasteries - these are mostly circulars and vary from 12 to 20km long. Walking on the Skiathos can be quite tough especially when you get into June, July and August due to the high temperatures - 40 to 45+ degrees being quite possible. Please note that our walks are often described from a starting point of Troulos since this is where we were staying - whenever buses or taxis were used to get to the actual start of the walk we do mention bus stop numbers etc.
Skiathos Maps. We used the Topo 25 (Anavasi) - this map is quite accurate according to our GPS however some of the paths shown around Mandraki are not quite correct. Also and importantly the bus stops around Koukounaries are incorrectly numbered - Bus Stop 23 is the Mandraki Bus Stop and then Bus Stop 23 has become 24 and therefore 24 is now 25 and the bus terminates at bus stop 26.
Below on this page are several ways to walk across the Island to Mandraki and nearbye Beaches.
2 ways of walking from Koukonaries to Mandraki on Skiathos - Bus stops 23/24 - almost flat walks across the island on sandy wide paths.
Walking across Skiathos from Koukonaries to Elias Bay - Bus stop 23 - almost flat walk across the island on a sandy wide track.
Other Skiathos Walks visiting Monasteries, Churches and Beaches which may be of interest - these are on different pages.

shady path on Skiathos Greece

Koukonaries to Mandraki Beach Walk on Skiathos. Route 1

- starts from bus stop 23 (known as Mandraki Bus Stop) and is around 1.5km on flat sandy track. The bus stop is by some tavernas and a hotel - take the tarmac road heading inland going past some holiday accommodation - the tarmac soon ends and the surface becomes a sandy track. (Perhaps note that walking on this surface is sometimes quite difficult as the sand is deep in places - flip flops are not ideal). Just keep straight ahead then around 50 metres after a track leaves on the right look for a sandy path on the left. Simply follow this path going which mainly goes through pine trees (and is therefore quite shady) to arrive at a main track. The path continues on the other side of the track, go left at a path junction - the path soon arrives at the Mandraki Beach track - go right and walk on down to the beach.
woodland path on Skiathos cross island path Skiathos dusty cross island track on Skiathos Skiathos paths
Koukonaries to Mandraki Beach. Route 2. This starts from Bus Stop 24 by the Koukonaries supermarket. Head inland on a surfaced track - this winds round to the right passing holiday accommodation then soon bears left and continues as a wide sandy track via the pine trees. Stay on this sandy track until you arrive at a quite open area and a gate, go slightly right and then left again soon passing a taverna and then arriving at the dirt coastal road. The track opposite is clearly marked to Mandraki Beach - though watch out for cars and jeeps thinking they are on safari... There is a taverna on this beach plus you can hire sunbeds and umbrellas.
tree-lined Skiathos path going cross island coast to coast path Skiathos Elias Beach and Bay on Skiathos Skiathos - Mandraki Beach
Koukonaries to Elias Bay. This is around 1.5km and again quite flat. Start from Bus Stop 23. Take the tarmac road going inland which soon changes to a sandy track - this time just stay on the track going through pine trees and eventually ending up at the main coastal dirt road. Go straight across and walk on down to the beach at Elias Bay - again this beach has a taverna and umbrellas and beach chairs.
(from the above 3 descriptions you can see it is easy to get to these Skiathos beaches and by using the dirt coastal road quite straight forward to perhaps walk over to one of the beaches on one route and enjoy a walk back a different way.
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