Skiathos Greek Island Beach Guides and Photos.

How to find, chose and get too Skiathos's beautiful beaches with quite a few Skiathos beach photos to show what they are like.

The various coves, bays and beaches alongside the main coast road between Skiathos Town and Koukonaries are served by frequent buses or you can either walk or take a taxi to them. At the top of Skiathos island (at the end of the bus route) apart from Koukonaries beach there is also the famous Skiathos Banana Beach which is so well known by naturists but in truth the naturist area on the beach is not too big and gets badly packed especially in July and August. Most of these beaches have full facilities like beach chairs and umbrellas and also tavernas and cafes are around. Perhaps much nicer and certainly more peaceful are the beaches on the other side of the island such as Mandraki - these Skiathos beaches are generally undeveloped and much wilder, available for use by naturists and do still have a few chairs/sunshades plus usually at least one taverna on them. This part of Skiathos Island and it's beaches are now reachable by a reasonably surfaced dirt track and when we last visited Skiathos these tracks had been scraped and were easily driveable even by car.

Gorgeous and Wild - Mandraki Beach, Skiathos Island, Greece.

Beachwear or lack of on Skiathos Beaches i.e. naturism - topless and so on.

As mentioned Skiathos is well known for it's naturist beaches in particular "Banana Beach" (or Krasa Beach) however generally speaking nudists are not often seen along the main coast road beaches i.e. the Troulos side of the island) apart from the odd person hiding away on tiny rock shelves/inlets - topless for men and women is of course quite normal on all Skiathos beaches.
The photos below are of some of Skiathos's beaches with various comments as necessary with the beaches shown in a clockwise direction starting at Troulos - we did not get to visit all of the beaches on the Island - there are after all quite a lot of them. Although we do not normally both using sunshades/chairs, at the time of our holiday a sunshade and two sunbeds were on about 15 Euros per set. Also note that on the Mandraki beach side of the island tavernas may not be open early in the season.

Some of the more famous and popular beaches on Skiathos including Troulos Beach, Koukounaries Beach and Krasa Banana Beach.

Troulos Beach SkiathosTroulos BeachSkiathos Beaches - TroulosTroulos Beach - Bus stop 20. Troulos is a really nice sandy family friendly Skiathos beach - there are several tavernas plus beach chairs and sun umbrellas.
Troulos has quite a lot of holiday accommodation around so the beach can get quite busy at times.
Maratha BeachSkiathos - Maratha BeachMaratha Beach - get off at Bus stop 22.
 From the bus stop it's a fairly short walk down the main road to reach this pleasant Skiathos beach.
As is normal along the main Skiathos coastal road this sandy beach has beach chairs and sunbeds etc. - the beach is lined with tall pine trees which offer some welcome shade. There is also a taverna where you can get food and drink..
KoukounariesSkiathos Beaches - KoukounariesKoukounarie beach Skiathos - bus terminal (26).
Koukounarie is quite a famous Skiathos beach which is situated in a fairly large bay - the sandy beach is packed full of sunshades and chairs (which are far to close together for our liking). All the usual amenities - the beach gets really busy in July and August as do the buses which take you to and from it from Skiathos Town etc.
Strofilias Bay SkiathosStrofilias Bay Beach - bus terminal (26)
 - leave the car park and go up the concrete road which heads towards Banana Beach however shortly take a left hand small road on the left. Climb up the road to reach the derelict Xenia hotel - go to the right hand side of this concrete eyesore and then take a descending path and some steps to reach this lovely fairly secluded and tree lined sandy beach - chairs and sunshades and a taverna available. The beach is an amazing contrast to it's big neighbour (Koukounaries Beach) and far nicer.
Banana (Krasa) Beach on SkiathosKrasa - Banana Beach Skiathos
- from the bus terminal (26) and then there is a very steep climb up a concrete road and then to add to the fun a hot and dusty walk down to the beach area via scattered even dustier olive trees. The naturist part of Krasa beach is on the left side of the beach after some rocks. This naturist beach area is actually quite small so during the peak holiday season you probably need to get there early. In fact most of the beach area is sort of allocated/populated by non-naturists.
Aghia Eleni Bay BeachAkiathos - Aghia Eleni Bay beachAghia Eleni Bay- Bus stop 25
then turn off right along a tarmac road for about 10 minutes. The beach is very popular with local Greeks and busy on weekends. The beach has several tavernas plus sunshades and chairs are available - we noted that one taverna plays loud'ish music at times particularly on Sundays. There is a fair bit of parking available but it's jammed on weekends so get there early.
Skiathos - Krifi Amos BeachHidden Beach - Krifi Amos on SkiathosKrifi Amos - Hidden Beach.
Known as hidden beach it is actually sort of quite easily spotted and can be eached by a graded dirt track which goes round the coast from near Aghia Eleni. There is a steep path down to this beach and it marks the first of a series of really nice wild and sometimes quiet Skiathos beaches. There are a few chairs/sunshades but the beach is quieter and much more scenic- popular with locals it only gets busy'ish on Sundays.
Skiathos Town beachesbeaches near Skiathos TownSkiathos Town Beaches - a really long beach area starts from Sciathos Town often with the main coast road nearbye. There is lots of holiday accommodation and hotels located along here and the beach area gets busy - and therefore you will find plenty of tavernas available, jet ski and so on plus sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. Beaches along here are named Meghali Amos, Mitikas and Vasilias although they are all pretty much joined together in reality.

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