Skiathos Town and Skiathos Harbour - things to wander round and look at.

Skiathos Town itself is quite compact in shape with the sea front full of tavernas and cafes as well as many pavement stalls and shops selling items that vendors seem to think tourists are anxious to want to buy for some reason - i.e. lots of supposedly cheap t-shirts and other bric-a-brac. There is a street going from the harbour straight into the middle of the town which is for pedestrians only (except of course noisy scooters whizz about through it all the time) - this area again has a variety of tavernas and shops plus you will find the Bank of Greece a little way in where you will find an ATM.
Sciathos Town View of Sciathos Town from on high Sciathos Town Very small Sciathos Town house
If you care to wander a bit further away from the main tourist shops there are plenty of small streets and alleys to enjoy - these are often adorned with potted and veranda flowers and look quite picturesque.
Sciathos Town - Aghios Nikolaos Church Panaghia Limnia - Sciathos Town Overhead view of a beach near Sciathos Town Sciathos Town
Beautiful buildings in Sciathos Town, Skiaths Island Greece Sciathos Town House Some of the ruined areas to look round at Sciathos Town Picturesque flowers -  Sciathos Town streets
A lovely Skiathos Town alley with lots of flowers on display Skiathos Greece, Sciathos Town Sciathos Town - Skiathos Greece fishing boats moored by Sciathos Town Harbour, Skiaths, Greece
Skiathos is on one of the main Island Ferry routes - some boats coming in from the mainland and others linking the various islands. They come and go frequently - the way that a large GA Ferry Captain runs his ferry in and then just swings it round and reverses and parks is worth watching - lots of skill there. Another frequent visitor is the red Vodaphone ferry - the notable thing about this is the speed it goes - once clear of the harbour it's more like a speed-boat.
There are often quite a few people with suitcases/luggage wandering and waiting around the harbour area in Sciathos Town - the island provides international airport facilities for it's close neighbours of Alonissos and Skopelos - access to these islands for people coming on holiday is often via the Flying Dolphins which operate from Skiathos Town Harbour.
Tris Ierarches - Sciathos Town Limin Bay, Skiathos, Greece Passengers inbound on a Ferry - Skiathos aircraft waiting to go - Skiathos airport
There is also a hydrofoil service operating - these "Flying Dolphins" which offer a fast passenger service to and from the neighbouring Islands of Alonissos and Skopelos. There are also quite a few day trips which start out from the harbour - from trips out to the other close islands to round the island days out. The airport at Skiathos is quite close to Skiathos Town with the start of the fairly short runway located at the edge of Limin Bay and the airport terminal itself is around 2km. from the harbour. Taxis are usually available from near the main ferry terminal and the Island's main bus station is around several 100 metres further along the front.
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