Troulos to Meghalos Aselinos and Elias Bay Walk on Skiathos.

This is a 14km circular walk across Skiathos on dirt tracks which visits several unspoilt and quite wild beaches - there are just a few fairly easy climbs.
Take the main island coastal road from Troulos Beach bus stop 20 heading uphill towards Koukounaries - at the top of the hill (just after bus stop 21) take a concrete track on the right by a large cream-coloured utility building. The track climbs steeply and quickly bends right - it soon levels out somewhat and you get excellent views of Troulos Beach and the surrounding hills. Follow what is now a sandy/dirt track as it undulates between pine trees to reach a major track junction. Keep straight ahead - the track climbs a little as it heads towards and then passes a large goat station on the left. At the next track junction take the right fork and follow this round the hills for another 1.3kms or so.
Troulos Bay Skiathos Skiathos "guard" Goat hungry Greek Goats (Skiathos) nearing Meghalos Aselinos beach on Skiathos
This then arrives at a t-junction - go right and follow this winding fairly rough track down to a small metal road. Go left and walk along to reach Meghalos Aselinos Beach - there is a taverna and a cafe- also beach chairs / umbrellas are available.
To continue the walk - go back along the road and turn right back up the inbound track as far as the earlier t-junction - curiously it initially looks like a really hard climb but did seem to be quite easy in fact. At the juncton take a small path on the right which heads down through pine trees and then reaches a clearing with a ruined building in the middle. The path is quite indistinct here - you need to cross the clearing but staying to the left edge as much as possible - look for where the ground dips very steeply - here the path becomes obvious again. Follow this very nice enclosed path as it goes down to reach Agistros Beach - a small taverna exists here.
Elias Bay Agistros sandy beach Agistros beach Skiathos Strofilia Lake on Skiathos
Cross the beach and take the steps on the far side then at the top go straight on to soon walk down on a narrow rocky path to reach the long sweep of Elias Bay and Beach - a taverna as well as beachchair/umbrella hire are available on this beach. From here go back up the rocky path then at the top turn right and take the outbound track- this climbs to a track junction. Go left and climb some more for a while to reach a track fork- take the right fork - the track now winds round the hills with lovely views of the island including the lake at Koukounaries. About 1.5km along reach another track junction - turn right to re-join the original outward track - soon pass the goat station and then continue on back to the main coastal road.
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