More Remote and Peacefull Skiathos Beaches.

The following shows some of the more remote Beaches to be found Skiathos Island - Greece.

Many people hire jeeps and cars to go over to the next couple of beaches but leaving a hire car/jeep parked whilst you spend the day on the beach is quite an expensive option.  You can actually walk to Mandraki Beach on Skiathos etc. easily enough from bus stop 23 - there is a shady path (in fact 3 of them) which cross the island and are more or less flat. Although sandy underfoot in places (perhaps use pumps rather than flip flops..) this is only a 20 to 25 minute stroll to reach the dirt road on the far coast.
Mandraki Beach SkiathosSciathos beaches - MandrakiMandraki Beach.
Further round on the track you arrive at one of the loveliest beaches on Skiathos - Mandraki Beach. The sand and part shingle beach has one taverna plus some beach chairs and sunshades. The sea at Mandraki Beach is beautiful to swim in and due to it's size the beach rarely gets very busy - at either end of the beach you can expect to find naturists.
Elias Bay Beach - nice and wildSkiathos Beaches - Eliaslovely Elias Beach on SkiathosElias Bay - the next large beach after Mandraki and another of our favourites to visit. One Taverna plus a few chairs - loads of room for naturists at either end of the beach which is mostly sand. The beach however can be very weedy especially after several days of rough seas and strong winds. The other issue is that this Skiathos beach did become very afflicted with wasps and we eventually gave up using it and used Mandraki instead which was a little better.

Agistros BeachAgistros - Skiathos GreeceAgistros Beach.
There really are some lovely unspoilt beaches on Skiathos which just keep arriving as you go round Skiathos's coast. Skiathos Agistros is once again sandy but is somewhat smaller beach than it's neighbours and also this beach can be weed affected after high seas and winds. As with all the beaches on this part of the coast there is a small taverna plus sunshade and sunbeds available to hire.

scenic Skiathos - Meghalos Aselinos beachtop view of Meghalos Aselinos SkiathosSkiathos - Meghalos Aselinos BeachMeghalos Aselinos
- a beautiful Skiathos sandy beach surrounded by small cliffs covered in greenery - the beach never seemed to get busy when we visited from time to time even in the summer. It has a large taverna - probably because quite a few day-trip boats arrive - however most of these boat day-trippers do not seem to get much further than the taverna..

Mikros AselinosSkiathos - Mikros Aselinos BeachMikros Aselino Beach.
As it's name suggests Mikros Aselinos beach is a smaller version of it's next door neighbour - it has a taverna where you can get a salad and a cold drink and there are a few chairs for hire - the sea is particularly colourful and nice to swim in on this beach.

Ligharies BeachSkiathos - Ligharies BeachSkiathos Beaches - LighariesLigharies Beach - really scenic sandy beach with surrounding tree-lined slopes. During the week there is usually the opportunity for naturist swimming and sunbathing here since it's fairly quiet - even quieter if you wander along the rocks to visit one it's several little adjacent "beachlets".

Kechrias BayKechrias beach on SkiathosKechrias Bay Skiathos
- is pretty much the last beach reachable from the coastal dirt road - one end of the beach is shingle and the other has more sand.
The beach gets quite busy at times especially on weekends - there is a taverna plus beach chairs/umbrellas available.
Kastro Beach SkiathosSkiathos - Kastro BeachKastro Beach - ours are photos from above this stoney and fairly small beach since we were at Kastro as part of a long walk to view the old churches and ruins. With a significant walk down to get to the beach and a therefore even more significant climb back up we did not go this time. There is a small taverna on the beach and day trip boats arrive from Skiathos from time to time. Please see our Skiathos Walks, Beaches and Holiday Guide about going to Kastro and looking at the old churches and buildings there.

Limin-Skiathos BaySciathos Limin-Skiathos Bay BeachLimin-Skiathos Bay - located on the far side of Skiathos Bay this tiny strip of beach is either reached by boat or you can walk on a small road near the runway and boatyard and shortly take a really nice path which wanders along just above the shoreline for a while. In fact this is a really small Skiathos beach and probably is not a beach when the tide is in.

Tzaneria BeachTzaneria Baysandy Skiathos beach at TzaneriaTzaneria - the beaches along the coast out of Skiathos Town become more coves rather than long open beach areas. This sandy Skiathos beach has many amenities and a quite busy jet-ski, powerboat ride set-up. Either side of the main beach there are various little beach areas which are somewhat quieter.
Skiathos Kanapitsa Beachshady Kanapitsa beach area - Skiathos
Kanapitsa is the next (map) named beach along the coast out of Skiathos Town. This is a fairly small sandy beach and is well shaded one end with fir trees. As usual on this side of the coast there is a taverna plus beach chair and umbrella hire available.
Skiathos - Vromolimnos BeachVromolimnos Beach
Vromolimnos Beach is yet another sandy spot and this tree-lined Skiathos beach is a little longer than Kanapitsa.
There is a taverna plus there are lots of sunbeds and umbrellas available for hire and also you can indulge in various water sports if you wish
Kolios BeachSkiathos beaches - Kolios
Kolios Beach- this is yet another well-known Skiathos holiday beach. This beach is sandy and tree-lined in places for somewhere to hide out of the sun for a while and the water is very clear and does not get too deep too quickly. Tavernas, sunbeds, umbrellas are all readily available on this beach.
Skiathos Beaches - Aghia ParaskeviAghia Paraskevi Beach on Skiathos
Aghia Paraskevi / Platanias Beach - probably this longish beach area is called Platanias Beach only but we have also named it after it's pleasant little church nearbye. It's a nice sandy beach with all the amenities you expect to find on this part of the Skiathos coastline.

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